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I love educating and encouraging others to explore their passion for art & creating! 



We have truly adored this little 1800 square foot Mid-Century Modern home, and we have loved making it our own! All the projects have been a true test in patience and team work. It's our first home & the place we brought our babies home to. We can't wait for our next home adventure in the near future!


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Living as Chemical Free as Possible


We don't claim to be the healthiest family, and we enjoy the occasional ice cream cone, but due to some health issues in the past, we have strived to live a healthier lifestyle! We have cut out a lot of gluten, dairy & processed sugars from our diet. And through the use of Essential oils and all the Young Living products, we have eliminated so many dangerous chemicals from our home and our life! 

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Young Living Lifestyle-Young Living Lifestyle-0034.jpg

{Coming Soon} Tips & Tricks to Mastering Handlettering


I have had a real desire to teach other aspiring creatives to learn the art of handlettering. I'll be teaching all September long on my instagram and also releasing some helpful guides to help you practice your technique!