Less Hustle, More Grace

Do you ever just get a quote or saying stuck in your head and wonder, why is this repeated to me over and over? My belief is that is God's way of trying to get you to hear His voice. The word "grace" has been one that has been on replay in mind the last few months, whether I'm giving myself grace, or giving others grace, it's been a constant theme. To be completely honest, it was never really a word that I thought much of, and also always said I would never consider it for a child's name. (Just another time where God tells me to stop saying "never" because now I really love it and what it has come to mean to me this past year)

So when I felt this pull to design a small set of tumblers for my shop, I knew I wanted it to say something that was a personal message to myself every day. Because I've come to realize that if it's something I need to hear, it's something I know other people are needing to hear as well. So then "less hustle, more grace" was born. I know I didn't come up with it, but I've been seeing it as a constant theme around the interwebs, and thought it was perfect!


It's so easy for me to compare my bad days to that of other's highlight reels on Instagram, but yet I still do it. I think, man, if I could only hustle as hard as that person, or have as much time to work on stuff as another person. I compare my workdays to that of single girls or newly married ladies without children, people who have daily struggles all their own. But my struggles of taking care of a two year old and a house and husband, might not actually be their struggle, so it's really like comparing apples to oranges. //DOES NOT COMPUTE// And someone, somewhere might be wishing they had my struggles! (And even calling them struggles, bothers me, because struggling to find time to work, isn't really a struggle. It's basically finding time to do something that is merely a distraction from my most important work as a wife and mother) But you get where I'm going with this right? 

Let me be clear, hustling is not a bad thing. You need to hustle. But we all need a little more grace in our lives, because without it we are nothing.