Teach-It Tuesday [Fall Decor]


Fall Decor is popping up everywhere right now, and it has me in the mood to make some projects with my two hands! I bought these wood blocks from Michaels and the come in all different sizes! I had no idea what I wanted to do with them, I just knew that I liked them. So decided to paint it and make some hand lettered fall art! Now, if you've been following along on my instagram, you have noticed that I've been doing video tutorials on how to get started in handlettering! Pencil is the best place to start, followed by using some great fine tip pens! 

This project will put all those skills to work.


Supplies: (all available at Michaels)
Wood Block
Sharpie Metallic (Silver & Gold)
Black (or white) Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush

1. Paint wood block
2. With the pencil, lightly layout the design for your block.
3. Ink in the design with Sharpies
4. Erase pencil lines
5. Style in your home