They Are All the Reason I Need...


"All Natural" "Organic" "Chemical Free" are just a few of the crazy buzz words that are being thrown around these days with absolutely no weight behind them, or facts to back them up. Just about anything these days can claim "all natural" on their packaging and people will buy that stuff up without even batting an eye. But when you really sit down and do your research, you start to realize that these companies are selling you lies, wrapped in beautiful slogans and packaging. 

So let's break this down. In 2014, I was seven months pregnant, suffering from a nasty chest cold. I was looking for anything safe to use while pregnant, to take away the nasty symptoms of my cold. A friend recommended essential oils, so I bought a premium starter kit, a few months later I had a baby, got busy and there it sat. The most expensive paperweight I ever bought. It wasn't until Jonathan was 10 months old, where I started to see the benefits of these magic little bottles. 

After being plagued with a few ailments (hello ears, head, rash), and taking a few rounds of antibiotics, Jonathan developed what I thought was the worst diaper rash I've ever seen. After some digging, I realized that antibiotics (although wonderful) can cause yeast infections in babies, and no amount of rash cream or wipe was going to cure it. I vowed that the next time he got sick, I would try a more natural approach first, because the side effects of antibiotics are frustrating! And suddenly my obsession with essential oils was born. 


I got lucky & started with a wonderful & reputable company right off the bat. Young Living offers a Seed to Seal Promise, that is their set of standards that helps ensure that with every pure essential oil and Young Living product our family uses, we're enjoying the benefits of global resources, industry leadership, and over two decades of innovation. Young Living will never knowingly compromise by adding synthetics, contaminants, or cheap fillers, or by using unethical production practices.  Can Johnson & Johnson say that? Even with their "130 years of Caring" slogan, it doesn't excuse the fact that they were putting harmful, cancer-causing, fertility destroying chemicals into their products for YEARS. 

So let's fast forward to now. Almost 60% of my household and personal hygeniene products have been swapped out for healthy, safer alternatives. I'm making smarter choices when it comes to my diet, skincare, & overall wellness. The products I use on my children are safe. The products I use to clean my home are plant-based and safe. And I'm sleeping better knowing I'm making better choices for our family.

This isn’t just an expensive hobby, it’s a change of lifestyle!
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By making these smarter choices NOW, we are giving our children a chance at a healthier future! And that right there is all the reason I needed to start this journey. Don't be fooled by cheaper companies who offer "The Same" products at a WAY WAY cheaper price. NOT ALL OILS ARE CREATED EQUAL. But I will get into that in another post! If you have any questions, PLEASE PLEASE leave me a comment or message me! Or Click the link below and get a membership!! 

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